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What is Pro-Cal Shot?

procal shot new package


Pro-Cal shot is an oral nutritional supplement (ONS) which can be used to provide additional energy (calories) and protein at times of illness, when your appetite is reduced or when you have experienced unintentional weight loss. It is for the dietary management of disease related malnutrition and can be used from the age of 3 onwards. 

Pro-Cal shot is available in 3 flavours; Neutral, Strawberry and Banana. As everyone has a different taste preference, the 3 options will provide a choice to those who may require an ONS, which will help with compliance and therefore increase the energy and protein of that person’s diet. 

Pro-Cal shot is a Food for Special Medical Purposes and must be used under medical supervision. Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition.

Quick Facts about Pro-Cal shot

  • 120ml of Pro-Cal shot provides 400kcal and 8g protein.

  • Available in 3 flavours; strawberry, neutral and banana flavour.

  • Low volume so it is ideal for those with a small appetite or those with a fluid restriction.

  • Can be taken as a shot or added to food and drinks.

  • No added micronutrients so can be used alongside other oral nutritional supplements and oral diet.

  • Can be frozen which is ideal for individuals who may have a sore mouth.

  • Suitable from 3 years of age onwards.