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What is Pro-Cal Powder?

510g tub of Pro-Cal Powder

Pro-Cal powder is a neutral tasting, powdered nutritional supplement that can be added to foods and drinks to increase their energy and protein content. It can be used to provide additional energy (calories) and protein at times of illness, when your appetite is reduced or when you have experienced unintentional weight loss. It is for the dietary management of disease related malnutrition and can be used from 3 years of age onwards.

Pro-Cal powder is a Food for Special Medical Purposes and must be used under medical supervision. It is not suitable as a sole source of nutrition.

Download the Pro-Cal powder Recipe Booklet.

Quick Facts about Pro-Cal powder

  • 15g of Pro-Cal powder provides 100kcal and 2g of protein.

  • Can be added to a wide variety of foods and drinks with minimal effect on taste, volume or texture.

  • Ideal for adding extra energy to meals and drinks for those with a poor appetite. 

  • Available in tubs and pre-measured sachets. 

  • The pre-measured sachets mean no weighing the product is needed to ensure a 100kcal serving is provided.

  • The tubs are useful when additional energy and protein needs to be added to multiple meals such as batch catering. 

  • Suitable from 3 years of age onwards.