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Malnutrition in Older people

Malnutrition (undernutrition) can affect anyone, but it is more common for older people. Malnutrition can result in an increased risk of illness and slower recovery, reduced energy and reduction in the ability to perform everyday tasks. It is important to aim to prevent and treat malnutrition. This can be done by increasing the energy (calories) and protein content of meals, snacks and fluids. Some suggestions on how to achieve this in a care home setting can be found below. You will also find a piece written by a nutrition support dietitian on nutrition in older adults using the button below.

PRo-CAL can be added to catering size dishes

Breakfast Ideas

Pro-Cal powder can be added to:

  • Scrambled egg

  • Porridge

  • Milk (for hot drinks, cereals etc)

Lunch ideas

Pro-Cal powder can be added to:

  • Soup (stir into soup once hot)

  • Sandwich fillings (eg; tuna and mayonnaise)

Dinner Ideas

Pro-Cal powder can be added to:

  • Sauces: add to curry, parsley or white sauce once prepared

  • Pasta bake / carbonara: mix into the pasta sauce before cooking.

  • Mashed potato(add before mashing)

  • Gravy (mix with gravy granules before adding liquid)

Snack / dessert ideas

Add 1-2 shots of Pro-Cal shot neutral to:

  • Desserts: pour over your favourite dessert or ice cream.

  • Yogurt, custard or rice pudding.

  • Powdered dessert: prepare as per packet instructions.

  • Whipped cream.

  • Cheesecake: mix with cream cheese, add icing sugar to sweeten and then serve on crushed biscuits.

FREEZE Pro-Cal shot in ice lolly moulds or ice cube trays. The smoothie mix below can also be frozen!

Drinks ideas

Add 1-2 shots of Pro-Cal shot neutral to:

  • Tea or coffee: can use with or in place of milk, or try with iced coffee.

  • Hot chocolate / malted drink: stir in once prepared.

  • Milkshake: make up using a powder mix or milkshake syrup as per packet instructions and stir in Pro-Cal shot.

  • Smoothie: add to 150g pot of natural / fruityoghurt and blend with a handful of fruit, such as raspberries or strawberries. Milk or ice cream can be used in place of yoghurt.

Add Pro-Cal shot starwberry in place of neutral flavour in drinks for a strawberry twist.


Catering Recipe Book

Pro-Cal powder Catering Recipe Book.

Download catering recipe book
Pro Cal Shot Hints

Ideas for how to take Pro-Cal shot.

Download Pro-Cal shot Handy Hints
Pro Cal Powder Hints

An easy way to boost the energy and protein content of everyday foods with Pro-Cal powder.

Download Pro-Cal powder Handy Hints

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